Services & Pricing


Pricing on tattoos is most often "by the piece," simply meaning that price is determined on a number of characteristics of the piece you would like to get. Such as; size, placement, detail, whether the piece is going to be black and gray or colored, and if it will be colored how many colors are involved, time the piece will take to do, etc. Please come in to receive a price quote as pricing is determined by the artist doing the tattoo. If you are unsure about what you want we will gladly work with you to help you find a piece at our shop, something online or out of the many flash designs available. We can also draw you something custom, or, in the case that you already have found what you'd like, just bring your image on down to the shop!

Pricing on body piercings are as follows-

Almost all single-hole standard piercings are $30 [this means such things as a simple cartilage piercing, lip piercing, nostril, eyebrow, tragus, naval, tongue, etc.] In simpler terms, most piercings that require one hole to be made.

Other types of piercings are specifically priced-


Navel: $30
Tongue: $30
Industrial: $50
Lobes: $40 -for both- [$20 for 1]
Nipples: $60 -for both- [$30 for 1]
Snakebites, Angel bites, Dahlias: $50
Cheeks/Dimples: $60
Webbing: $40
Smiley: $30
Dermal Anchors: $50-1, $80-2, $100-3, $120-4 [Pricing for 5 or more dermal anchors is custom priced at the piercer's discretion. 

Want something not listed? Just ask for a price!